Montana is vast and has several incredible places to live. The problem is this the best place right where we live?

Stacker came out with The Best Part Of Your State To Live In, and according to them, it's right here. That's right, the best part of Montana to live in is Gallatin County. Do you agree with that assessment? We beg to differ.

Stacker points out Gallatin County is close to West Yellowstone and has many great activities. The problem with their data is that it's been outdated for several years. Stacker says the average median house price is $330,000, which they are off by $500,000, and the median rent is around $1,000, which in reality the price is higher.

Gallatin County is an incredibly wonderful place to live if you can afford it, but in reality, is it worth it? If we had our choice on the best part of Montana to live in, there are several places to choose from. Flathead County is pretty stellar. They have parts of Flathead Lake, Whitefish Lake, Glacier National Park, Big Mountain, and the pricing for housing is extremely affordable when compared to Gallatin County.

Then there is also Missoula, and its surrounding area is pretty special too. Helena has Hebgen Lake and a nice small ski area close to the city. Many places in Montana are pretty great to live in, but as much as I would love to say it's Gallatin County, the housing market kills that prospect. 

For more details, check out the rundown on Stacker. 

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