When you're the fourth biggest state in the country, you tend to have a lot of roads.  In fact, Montana has over 150 thousand miles of roads across the state and while that doesn't rank near the top compared to some of the other states when you throw in the fact that we're one of the least populated states, it's pretty impressive.

We've got everything from Interstates to old dirt backroads that crisscross over the state, and the truth is some of those roads can be rather dangerous, especially during certain times of the year.

We've all traveled across Montana and come across the little white crosses that dot the roadways that represent an individual or individuals that passed in a vehicle accident, but what Montana road or highway is the most deadly in the state?

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According to the data from Car Insurance Comparison, which looked at information from both the Bureau of Transportation Statistics as well as the Insurance Information Institute to determine the deadliest road or highway in each state, as far as Montana goes, it seems one highway stands out above the rest.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The deadliest road in Montana according to the data would be US Highway 2. The popular highway that stretches across the state has an average of 15 lives lost each year on the roadway here in Montana.

The western stretch of US 2 starts in Michigan and goes all the way to Everett, Washington.  The total miles covered by the highway are over 2500, and the road in parts provides some pretty fantastic views and allows folks to partake in a little bit of Americana as they travel through smaller towns on their journey to wherever they're heading.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

No matter where you travel in Montana, make sure to be safe, and as always, watch out for the other person.

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