We understand what they are going for with this, but there is no way that this is true at all. 

Reader's Digest came out with a list of the 15 Least-Crowded Winter Destinations in the United States, and one of the locations is right here in Montana. The problem is, the location they chose for Montana is a head-scratcher for locals. One of the least crowded winter destinations in the United States is Big Sky Resort. 

Big Sky Resort is just down the road from us here in Bozeman, Montana, and is known as one of the best ski resorts in all of North America. Known for having over 5,800 acres of skiing/snowboarding area, Big Sky Resort is extremely popular. 

The thing is, even though they say Big Sky Resort is never really crowded, thanks to how spaced out everything is, it's very active all the time during the winter. Big Sky Resort is always busy no matter what. The parking lots are crazy slammed, and depending on what time you go up to Big Sky Resort or go down from the mountain, that road is busy. 

Plus, we didn't even talk about how expensive Big Sky Resort is if you want to go skiing or snowboarding up there. Is it worth the money? Yes. Will it break the bank? If you go more than a few times, yes. 

If we had to choose a Montana ski resort that isn't crowded and is fantastic, we would recommend Showdown Montana or even Discovery Ski Area. Both are fantastic local ski areas and aren't too crowded. 

For more details, check out Reader's Digest

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