This past Friday night, a moral argument played out during a high school football game in Caldwell, Idaho. When it was all over, the football game was called by the home team (who was losing 35-0), and an interesting debate had taken place between a father and his son's football coach.

It all began when Ammon Bundy and his family went to his son's football game at Caldwell High School. Ammon and his family were denied access into the stadium when they refused to wear masks, which was the hosting school's policy. Another news outlet reported that the mask mandate was not enforced in the stadium on the visitor's side of the field, but was on the home field side.

Following that, the Bundy family walked to the parking lot, where they watched the game a few hundred feet from the field separated by a chainlink fence. According to Ammon, he went back to the ticket booth and offered to pay anyway, but they declined his offer.

At some point, the school called Caldwell Police, who refused to forcibly remove Ammond and his family because they were not causing any disruption, nor were they threatening anyone.

At halftime, Emmett High School football coach Rich Hargitt, came over to talk with Ammon Bundy (watch the video of the exchange below). The coach informed him that the game was going to be "called off" because the superintendent "wants something done." It was implied that if Ammon didn't leave, the game would be canceled, which is exactly what happened.

And that brings us to the moral dilemma of this story. Ammon makes a heartfelt argument to the coach that sometimes standing up for what you believe is more important than a football game. The coach argued that Ammon's action was going to "harm a lot of people."

What do you think of this situation? Ammon tells the football coach that standing up for freedom is worth forfeiting a football game over.

Do you side with Ammon and his fight for freedom? Or do you believe that he is actually hurting his son, his son's teammates, and school? Please email your response to me.

Here is more video shot by the Bundy family, including what happened when police arrived.

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