Montana is typically pretty good about taking care of their own. We support our locals schools, our workers, and of course our Montana State Bobcats. So when it comes to taking care of grandma and grandpa, where does Montana come into play?

WalletHub did a study to find out which states have the "Best Elder-Abuse Protection" and Montana did not do so hot.

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WalletHub took 15 things into consideration to find out where states ranked and how they got their specific ranking. Listed below, you can see that this study is rather thorough.

    • Share of Elder-Abuse, Gross-Neglect and Exploitation Complaints
    • Estimated Elder Fraud Rate
    • Elder Fraud Loss Amount per Reported Frauds
    • Total Expenditures on Elder-Abuse Prevention per Resident Aged 65 & Older
    • Total Expenditures on Legal-Assistance Development per Resident Aged 65 & Older
    • Total Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Funding per Resident Aged 65 & Older
    • Financial Elderly-Abuse Laws
    • Eldercare Organizations & Services per Resident Aged 65 & Older
    • Presence of Elder-Abuse Forensic Centers/Groups
    • Certified Volunteer Ombudsmen per Resident Aged 65 & Older
    • Frequency of Assisted-Living Facilities Inspections
    • Quality of Nursing Homes
    • Presence of Laws Allowing Surveillance Cams in Nursing Homes
    • Presence of Elder Justice Task Forces
    • Presence of Elder-Abuse Shelters

Montana ranks 49th out of all the states for Best Elder-Abuse Protection Laws. There are a few things you can do as an individual to help protect our elders that are easy to do.

  • Look Out For Unusual Bank or Credit Card Activity
  • Be Cautious of New or Unfamiliar “Friends”
  • Monitor Social Media and Internet Use
  • Watch For Changes in Legal Documents
  • Take Note of Changes in Behavior
  • Be Mindful of Any Decline in Personal Care Conditions

Let's see what we can do in the future to take care of our grandparents and protect them. Respect our elders includes making sure they are being taken care of by us in every way, shape, and form.

cc: WalletHub

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