The debate over what is the better national park in Montana might get a little heated with locals.

Montana is blessed to have two outstanding national parks that people from all over the country travel to visit. Yellowstone National Park is down the road from us in Bozeman, and Glacier National Park rests in Northwest Montana. Both national parks are well known and loved by many locals. The question is, which one is best? 

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I think both parks have different appeals to different people. Glacier National Park has hikes, lakes, and scenic drives, whereas Yellowstone has hiking too, but has more wildlife and thermal features. 

There is a TikTok account named Patty G, and his whole account is ranking different things. We talked about this account back in January because he ranked Montana as the 2nd best state for natural beauty behind Alaska. Well, he made a National Parks list for the United States and Canada, and his rankings will surprise you. 

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Credit:Patty G via TikTok

This man has Glacier National Park ranked at three and Yellowstone National Park at #32. That's right, Glacier National Park is top three, while Yellowstone can't break the top 30. 

Many folks will be disgruntled about these rankings, especially with Yellowstone being ranked low. Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the United States and is extremely popular, but maybe that's its downfall. Yellowstone is overrun with tourists and can be stressful, making it at times hard to enjoy. 

Photo by Meina Yin via Unsplash
Photo by Meina Yin via Unsplash

So do you agree with the rankings, or do you think Yellowstone should be ranked higher than this TikTok account ranks it? 

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