I decided to go fishing tonight after work. Good idea, right? I live 100 yards from a pretty nice creek.

Well, on my first cast I hooked a pretty nice brown trout and landed it, so I decided to take a picture. I get my phone out, and the fish wiggles out of my hand. I attempted to catch it, and in the process I drop my phone and watched as it bounces off some rocks into the creek. I proceeded to jump into the creek to get my phone. After that, I decided to keep fishing.

I found another really good spot, but it was too deep to wade, so i tried to find a good spot to fish from. There was a tree that had fallen across the creek, so I decided to walk out on it and fish because I could get right above the hole and fish from there. At first, things were going great. I caught two more fish. Both were nice little brookies. After releasing the second one, I lost my balance, and tried to hug the tree to prevent myself from falling in. I failed, but in the process of falling, managed to scratch the hell out of myself on the branches stemming out from the tree. I submerged myself in the creek and was soaked from head to toe.

After getting back to the bank, I looked at my fishing rod and realized I had broke the tip off. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I lost two of my favorite flies by snagging them in overgrown foliage surrounding the creek.

The phone is working fine, and I'm a little bummed about breaking the tip off my rod, but hey, I caught three fish. I can't decide whether I'd call it a good evening of fishing or not.

What do you think?