An iconic Montana sporting goods store has been sold to a new owner. What does that mean for the existing stores? 

NBC Montana reports that beloved Montana franchise Bob Ward's Sports & Outdoors has been acquired by Al's Sporting Goods. The Utah-based sporting goods stores will take over all five Bob Ward locations across Montana. 

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Many are wondering what this means for the current Bob Ward's locations in Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Missoula, and Hamilton. Well, not much. 

Bob Ward's Sports & Outdoors via Facebook
Bob Ward's Sports & Outdoors via Facebook

All stores will keep their name and location, but Al's will implement the operations and processes they employ in their own stores. It seems that a majority of change will happen behind the scenes.

Al's Sporting Goods stated that they view this change as a merger rather than an acquisition. The new owners know how loyal Bob Ward's is to Montana and want to continue that tradition. 

Al's Sporting Goods via Facebook
Al's Sporting Goods via Facebook

Though I'm not sure what changes may be made to the Bob Ward's here in Bozeman, I would guess that we may see, at the very least, some new inventory. The Bob Ward's location in Bozeman is popular among locals because it's one of the few stores that has gear for sports of all seasons. 

Personally, I can't wait to see what the future holds for Bob Ward's. They've been a Montana icon for many years, and so many in the state love the franchise.

For more details, check out NBC Montana

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