Hunter Hayes' 'Somebody's Heartbreak' lyrics stem from a real-life situation that the 21-year-old CMA New Artist of the Year experienced not that long ago -- an instance which made for a great writing experience with Luke Laird and Andrew Dorff for Hayes' debut album.

"I remember I was going in with Luke and Andy, and it was right around Valentine’s Day… like two days before Valentine’s Day," Hayes tells Taste of Country. "Basically, I had my doubts about this girl and everybody around me had their doubts about the fact that it would work because this girl was really, really awesome, and I’m a total geek! Humorously -- and I own that [laughs] -- I had my doubts, but I was like you know what, if you’re willing to try it and go on a couple of dates to see how it goes -- I don’t even care if it doesn’t work and it super tears me up -- it’s totally worth trying because if this does work, this could be awesome."

"I'd love to know what you're thinkin' / Every little river runnin' through your mind / You give and you take / You come and you go / You leave me here wonderin' if I'll ever know / How much you care or how much you don't / Whatever you need, whatever you want," the trio wrote in the opening 'Somebody's Heartbreak' lyrics.

"We made it about hey, if you’re going to break somebody’s heart, I want to be the somebody," Hayes explains. "I was also looking at a fun way to twist the words 'be mine' into something different [laughs]. So we made it if you’re going to be somebody’s heartbreak, be mine."

"If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak / If you're gonna be somebody's mistake / If you're gonna be somebody's first time / Somebody's last time, baby be mine / If you're lookin' to be somebody's 'just friends' / A little laughin', little lovin', never callin' again, that's just fine / If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak / Be mine," the songwriters wrote in the catchy chorus.

Adds Hayes with a smile, "It was kind of the humorous approach to it."

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