Country cutie Hunter Hayes just debuted his new 'I Want Crazy' video, and it will make all of his devoted fans just a little more crazy for this up-and-coming star. The video gives a glimpse into the adventurous, fun-loving love that you just can't give up on, complete with firecrackers, pool adventures and a whole lot of Polaroid memories.

The video begins with a phone conversation between Hayes and the girl he's crazy about, and you realize they've been in a long-distance relationship for three months. As their conversation unfolds, and the video simultaneously portrays their last tearful goodbye, he asks, "What if I just... flew out there?" She responds, "That's a little crazy." And then, the toe-tapping, dance-your-heart-out music begins.

It's a sweet video full of memories of the couple's relationship -- a montage of everything you envision in young love, with tiny adventures full of big emotions. They sneak into a swimming pool for a late night dip, ride around in grocery carts down the street, kiss in the alleyways and shoot firecrackers off into the night sky.

Throughout the video, the singer and his girlfriend look at Polaroids of their sweet memories, even while distance separates them, and it's often interspersed with Hayes passionately singing and playing his guitar in his bedroom.

Eventually, Hayes gets into an small airplane, gets into the pilot seat, and with a determined look on his face, takes flight. It's young love at its best, and when he croons, "Are you with me baby? I want crazy!" it's likely that fans will swoon over and over again, especially when he surprises his girlfriend at her front door. Sometimes, you have to get a little crazy for love!

'I Want Crazy' will appear on the country star's upcoming deluxe album, ‘Hunter Hayes (Encore),' available on June 18.

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