We've all had them!  How do you get over a bad breakup?  I used to fix myself up and date his friends.  Ahhhh, revenge therapy!

Buy yourself romantic gifts. A piece of jewelry, chocolate, you name it. This will fill the void of what's-his-name. The more you start to rely on yourself for happiness, the happier (and more independent) you'll actually become. And besides, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive at your doorstep may leave you waiting a pretty long time.

Go out. You will most likely get invited somewhere. Even if it's that blind date with that guy from Match.com who you've been desperately avoiding. The point is, go! Sitting home gets you nowhere. You'll find yourself over-analyzing things you can't change. The past is in the past, and dwelling on it only prevents you from finding great things in the future.

You're a single lady now so you need to step up the sexy. Rock a new pair of skinny jeans or try on that revealing tube top that's been hanging in the back of your closet.

Work out, go shopping, get a new hairstyle. Do whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself. This "me time" will give you the confidence you need to do #3. When in doubt, prance around in a bikini.

Laugh a lot. Like all the time. Because you're like, sooo over it. Now, I know this might sound like confusing advice because of how awful you're feeling right now, but you know what? Showing that you're hurting only lets your ex know you're vulnerable. Vulnerable women get treated like doormats. And honey, you're nobody's doormat. If you can't find a genuine smile inside you, it's okay to fake it.

Take a risk and do something you've never done before! Take an acting class, try Zumba or horseback riding lessons. Who knows -- changing up your life might help you run right into Mr. Right . . .