Okay, so I think I may have a problem. I hate to admit it, but I might be an email hoarder. I never really made a New Year's resolution, so I'm going to make one now. I plan to become more organized this year. It's something that I've been needing to do for some time.

Jesse James
Jesse James

I currently have 15,078 emails in my inbox. Most of them are junk mail that I never got around to deleting, but some of them are important. That's where the organization comes in. What I should've done is separate the important emails from the spam mail, but it's too late for that now.

So, what do I do? Who has time to go through over 15,000 emails to separate the important ones from the not-so-important ones? I don't even know where to start.

Have you have this problem before? What was you plan of action? Shoot me an email. Jesse@xlcountry.com.

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