After I moved to Bozeman a week ago, I knew my mother was going to come and stay with me for a few days. We have a two bedroom apartment for my son and I, so I contemplated getting a hotel room for my mother so she had room and felt comfortable. I didn't want to wake her as I get up early. She is always working hard so this little vacation to Bozeman, I wanted her to be able to relax at her own pace.

Lark Hotel

I started with a general google search of hotels in Bozeman, but the prices seemed so high. She was going to be staying Saturday thru Thursday, so I was looking at a 6 night stay. Prices were between $100-$300 per night (give or take a few bucks) depending on location and star ratings. Well this was going to be too expensive for what I was hoping for.

I decided that having my mother stay with me was going to be the most logical, especially on the ol' pocket book. Day one, she did dishes at 11:30pm (I get up at 4:45am). Day two, she fell out of my bed at 4am making a loud boom and scaring the heck out of me. Now I love my mother, she had made my move to Bozeman smooth and comfortable, but I think for her next visit, we will book a hotel far in advance.

Nevertheless, my mother's stay has been wonderful, but I think next time, we will book a hotel.

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