The season is coming up quicker than you think, so you might want to get your team together soon!

The Gallatin Valley Softball League is coming up soon with a start date of Tuesday, May 3rd. The Gallatin Valley Softball League has been a great source of spring and summer fun for many adults who like to get out and play slowpitch softball with friends and coworkers. 

If you want to put a team together for the Gallatin Valley Softball Season, there are a few different leagues you can choose from:

  • Women's Open-This league is women's only. The games are on Thursday nights. 
  • Men's C/D-This is an upper league for men's league. These teams are more experienced. 
  • Men's E-This league is for teams who want to go out and have fun. These teams are a much more relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Co-Ed D/E1-This league is for more experienced co-ed teams who like to compete. 
  • Co-Ed E2/E3-These two leagues are for teams that are learning the game or not as experienced in the game. This league is laid back. 

Women's games are played on Thursdays, men's games are Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Co-Ed games are on Monday and Wednesdays. 

If you want to put a team together, maybe ask friends or coworkers to put a team together for the season. The other option is to put yourself on the Free Agent list and list your experience in softball and what leagues you would like to play in. 

So if you want to have some fun this summer, maybe you should check out the Gallatin Valley Softball League. 

For more details, check out the Gallatin Valley Softball website

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