Recently, we decided to head over to and check out what homes were currently on the market in the Bozeman area. We adjusted the search settings and set the maximum price at $350,000.

We knew that we wouldn't find much, but were curious to see the results. Many of the search results included condos and apartments. However, there was one manufactured home that popped up for $295,000. It's literally the only actual home listed for less than $300,000 in Bozeman. Many of the condos and apartments exceeded that amount. The listing states that the home would make an excellent rental unit, employee housing, or starter home.

According to the listing, the manufactured home is located on a quarter-acre lot in the heart of Bozeman at 405 Yerger Drive. The 924 sq. ft. home includes 2 beds, 1.5 baths, a private septic tank, and a community water system.

One of the perks is that you'll have a two-car garage to keep your ride safe from Montana's harsh weather conditions. The home was built in 1984. It can be removed and replaced with a newer manufactured, built with a stick-built home, or placed upon a foundation. According to the sale history at, it was listed in August of 2020 for $199,500 before the listing was removed. It was recently relisted for the $295,000 price tag.

The manufactured home is listed by Jake Becker at Vellinga Real Estate. If you're interested in purchasing the manufactured home, email or call 406-539-5828. Click here to view the listing.

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