The beloved Ellen Theater in Downtown Bozeman has been hit again by vandals. This isn't the first time this has happened; this is the second time in the past few weeks that the historic building has taken a hit.

Luckily this time, security cameras were able to catch the vandals with close-up images, as seen below.

Photo Credit: MTN News
Photo Credit: MTN News

If you know these two individuals, you are asked to reach out to the Bozeman Police Department. You can call them at: 406.582.2000 and make sure to reference case # 23-037629.

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Another case of vandalism took place in early March when The Ellen's Stained Glass Marquee Sign was vandalized. The three individuals involved in that case did come forward, apologized, and will pay for all damages.

The Ellen Theater has been around since 1919 and plays a huge role in the foundation of Downtown Bozeman. In 2008, after a huge renovation, The Ellen reopened its doors with a production of The Christmas Carol. Over 6000 people attended the show.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

If you would like to attend a show at The Ellen, you can find all of their ticketing information on their official website.


You can also rent out The Ellen Theatre for special events, such as weddings, private parties, meetings, and receptions, just to list a few.


Hopefully, these two guys are caught and held accountable for their actions.

Again, if you have any information regarding the most recent vandalism, please contact the Bozeman Police Department @ 406.582.2000.

cc: MTN News, The Ellen Theatre

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