We are loving the XL Country app, and from the sound of it you are too!  There are so many features on the app. You can listen live and easily engage and reach out to us.    Have you had a chance to try out any of these?

You Can Save Articles

If you're too busy to finish reading up on something or want to save it for later, you can "heart" the article. Just click the heart icon at the bottom of the article then it will be kept under your saved articles. It's that easy.

Watch Videos

Straight from the app you can watch our YouTube videos. We have videos with Stephanie Quayle, Dave talking about wearing the Broncos Jersey and more.


When roads are closed, there's a big concert announcement or breaking new we can send you notifications. It's a great feature and keeps you informed and connected with what's going on in the Bozeman area. Be sure you have these enabled. If you need help click here.

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