Have a member of your family that loves mementos from Montana or Bozeman and wants to grab something that is high quality? Well, you now have a new spot in Bozeman to check out and shop this holiday season.  

The Out West Trading Co. just opened up less than a week ago in Downtown Bozeman off of the corner of Main Street and Black Avenue, right next to Meridian Boutique. The Bozeman Out West Trading Co. is their fifth location and their second location in Montana. Their other Montana location is in Whitefish, Montana. 

Out West Trading Co. is a pretty cool store. They have a great aesthetic and a very, warm welcoming mood. They have shirts, hats, and hoodies for all ages and are very well priced. The apparel throughout the store is Bozeman-based, with most of them saying Bozeman, Montana or Yellowstone National Park, or other local areas. 

Plus, they have some great signs that display Big Sky, Bridger Bowl, or other Montana-centric themes. Plus, that's not including all the stickers you could choose. 

Stores like these have been becoming more popular here in Bozeman and there are a few like this in Downtown Bozeman. The thing is, Out West Trading Co. has an established reputation and has fantastic products. If you have friends or family that are huge fans of Bozeman, Yellowstone National Park, or our two tremendous ski mountains and want to get a personal item to have, this is the store to shop. 

When you have a minute, check out for yourself, you might see a few gift ideas. 

Check out more at Out West Trading Co. 

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