If you've watched the news lately, chances are you've heard about the historic rain fall that has been causing a lot of problems in California. Last week, nearly 200,000 people had to be evacuated after water eroded a hole in Oroville Dam.

My brother and his family live in California, and have been dealing with the flooding in the state. My brother is a high school teacher, and in his spare time is a very talented photographer. He lives about an hour away from Lake Berryessa in California. Yesterday, he packed up the family and hit the road to catch some footage of something that hasn't happened in California in over a decade.

At Lake Berryessa, they have a very interesting system when it comes to dealing with high water levels. In the middle of the lake, there is something that resemble a giant bath tub drain. When water levels get high enough, the water spills over the top of the drain and down to the river below. My brother actually flew his drone inside of the drain! Crazy, right!?

Check out the video below, and if you watch closely at the 1:15 mark, you'll see a bird fly beneath the drone.

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