For some folks, they find a place they love and they stay there, forever.  That's how it was for my parents.  They were married, bought a house, and stayed.  In fact, my Dad still lives there.

Me, well, I've had several different zip codes over the years.

When my wife and I decided that we were ready to make the move to Montana, we agreed it was time to downsize.  I mean, how much stuff does a person really need? Plus, should you even keep stuff that you never use?

We agreed it was time to sell, give away, or throw out stuff that we could do without.

Let me state this isn't the first time we've done this.  Every time we move, we go through the same process, with the same results.  We pack up everything, we move, we unpack everything and say "How do we still have so much stuff?"

Seriously, it's like the Gremlins at our place. Someone poured water on all our stuff and it multiplied.

Just the amount of kitchen stuff that we have is insane. Kitchen Aid mixer, air fryer, food processer, Insta-Pot, crockpot, pancake griddle, and a blender. Most of that stuff might get used twice a year.

Here is the other kicker, because of the high cost of rent here in Bozeman, we went with the smallest 2 bedroom apartment that met all of our needs.  So, that means limited cabinet space, which means we now have kitchen appliances under the bed.

Photo by HiveBoxx via Unsplash
Photo by HiveBoxx via Unsplash

The worst part of the whole moving process is unpacking everything and finding a place for it. To her credit, my wife is amazing.  She has done almost all of the unpacking and arranging.  Me, I just say that I have a meeting a work and I might be a little late getting home.

I really hope she doesn't read this.

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