Bozeman just got a little more expensive to live in, and hopefully, it doesn't turn into an issue. 

One of the main reasons why I love Montana is because there isn't a sales tax, so when something says it's twenty dollars, it's twenty dollars. Recently though, there have been some 'fees' that have been getting tacked on and it's a bit frustrating. 

So I've been to a few restaurants lately, and if I am using a credit or debit card, I have noticed what is essentially a 'card fee' circling. The 'card fee' is usually around two to three percent of the final tab, but if you are a person who is living paycheck to paycheck, that can make buying things a little more complicated. 

Photo by Clay Banks via Unsplash
Photo by Clay Banks via Unsplash

I am a person who always carries cash where I go because in my head, 'Cash is king', but a lot of folks don't. They like the simplicity of just having your credit or debit cards on their person plus, it reduces what they have to carry daily. 

Folks like Montana because it usually doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy things to live or enjoy, but now when folks are out and about they will have to consider adding another 'fee', and that is going to be a huge headache. 

So who's fault is it for the 'fee'? Credit card companies? Is it Montana's fault for not having a sales tax? It's a great question. Now I have to be aware of what places have a 'card fee', and what businesses don't so I know whether to use cash or a card. 

This whole scenario is just adding a whole new wrinkle in living in Bozeman.

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