There's no question that Halloween 2020 was a little different. I mean, have you ever seen hand sanitizer placed next to a bowl of Halloween candy that was set up not on a house porch but on the lawn next to the sidewalk by the street? It was definitely a Halloween we'll remember, and one we hope is not repeated.

We no doubt had fewer trick or treaters this year at our house. But the ones we did get were as enthusiastic as ever. Here's some pictures we put together of Halloween 2020: The COVID Edition.

Halloween 2020: The COVID Edition

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As I mentioned before, at my house, we definitely didn't see as many kids ringing our doorbell for treats as in previous years, and that seemed to go along with our poll that we posted on Friday. Here are the poll results to our question: Are You Taking Your Kids Trick-or-Treating This Year? The results are below:

Credit: Crowdsignal
Credit: Crowdsignal

Only about 50% of those responding said they were going to take their kids trick-or-treating.

Nevertheless, we still had fun taking our little guy around the neighborhood with his friend Kailey. He was dressed like Tom Brady in his New England Patriot days, and Kailey was a cute little unicorn. Here's hoping we can have a normal Halloween in 2021!

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