A grizzly has been captured and euthanized after killing a calf.

An investigation between Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and USDA Wildlife Services showed a young, male grizzly bear, about 2 1/2 years old was responsible.

A culvert trap was set near the area, and the bear was captured Friday morning.

It was later identified as the same bear captured in October of 2011 in relation to other cattle killings in in the Red Lodge area.

After that initial capture, the bear was transported approximately 67 miles to the east into the Gallatin National Forest.

Given the bear was involved in two incidents of livestock depredation within a year, FWP and the US Fish and Wildlife Service determined the bear was not suitable for relocation.

As the population of grizzly bears has increased, their distribution has expanded. With that expansion, they’re more often entering less suitable habitat where the possibility for conflict increases. These areas contain less natural food sources for grizzly bears.



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