It was a tough Saturday for us Bobcat fans. Not only did we lose the football game but we also found out that we lost Can the Griz. This year Bobcat fans were able to raise 261,000 pounds of food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. The Griz brought in 281,000 for their food bank (these are preliminary numbers).

In the end, though, everyone is a winner. Both communities will now be able to provide food for families and children who really need it. After finding out the Griz fans had managed to raise more food this year, someone said to me, "I thought we were doing really good?" To which I replied, "we did do really good! Missoula just did really, really good!"

Seriously, everyone should be very proud of our effort. And Griz fans should be proud of theirs. Again, this is a win win situation for both communities. Thanks again to everyone who donated food and money to help Can the Griz. Your donations are making a difference in the lives of people you'll probably never meet, but who are very grateful.