The Brawl of the Wild rivalry in Montana is year round and never ending, and we all love it.

The Montana State Bobcats and the University of Montana Grizzlies have a pretty healthy rivalry. Whether the competition is through sports, fundraising for their local food bank, or other avenues but the best rivalry might be between the two universities mascots.

Usually just seen at games, Champ the Bobcat and Monte the Bear are proud symbols of their schools and the students and beloved in both communities. The thing is, Monte the Bear has already started the trash talking with a funny little TikTok. Check out the video below.

@montebear#greenscreen Just Kidding @champthebobcat best friends for life #lifeisgooddance #gogriz #griztok #football #notkidding #montana #rival♬ original sound - Motch24

Credit: Monte Bear via TikTok

First off, love the audio from The Office. but it's absolutely perfect. I think Monte the Bear is referring to Montana State football beating the Griz now four years in a row. Maybe that's why he doesn't like us so much. We will have to find out more information or wait for a response from Champ the Bobcat.

I love this personally. It doesn't matter if you are a Bobcat fan or a Griz fan, you have to enjoy the fun that these mascots are having with the rivalry. I can't wait to see what happens in the next few months because if both school's football teams keep on winning, the Brawl of the Wild game on November 20th is going to be electric.

Too bad the game will be in Missoula.

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