With tourists flocking to Yellowstone National Park this past weekend despite being asked to stay at home, Governor Steve Bullock has asked that park be shut down for the safety of Montanans.

On Monday, the governor sent a letter to Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly telling him keeping the park open only promotes unnecessary travel.

Sholly issued a statement regarding operations at Yellowstone National Park during the COVID-19 pandemic:

"Yellowstone has received a substantial number requests to temporarily close, from state and local partners, including the governors of Montana and Wyoming, health officials from all surrounding counties, and local government leadership. The park began receiving these requests late in the day on Sunday, March 22, through today and we immediately began conversing with National Park Service and the Department of the Interior to determine the best course of action. I have been in direct contact with the governors, many local leaders, and health officials within our gateway communities and counties. Contrary to a few press articles written today, the park is taking these requests from our local partners very seriously and will communicate decisions in the near future." 

Many of the residents of the towns surrounding Yellowstone, like Gardiner, have expressed concern that many people are flocking to the park, despite the president's request to self distance. Some expressed some fear that others from outside the area could be bringing the coronavirsus to their town.

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