Heebs Fresh Market is nearing the finish line and will open its new store on Thursday, January 17.

The locally owned grocery store has already closed down the old location at 544 East Main while moving into the new facility at 200 Highland Blvd.

The new store is emphasizing a quality customer experience with a fresh cut fruit stand, large bakery and a mezzanine level where people can sit and eat made-to-order meals.

When talking about the move, owner Mitch Bradley says “we couldn’t grow anymore where we were at.”

When asked what made him choose the location on Highland Blvd., he says “it was a defensive move, because if I didn’t do it I felt like somebody else would”

Bradley says he is especially proud of the deli in the new store, featuring a large salad bar, homemade pizzas and sandwiches. Bradley is quick to point out that it is a focal point of the store and a very large area with a big selection of goods.

Owner Mitch Bradley
Owner Mitch Bradley

Bradley also points out that the new location will not sell any tobacco products, saying “I am no longer going to sell tobacco products. I feel that it’s really something that can influence young people, and it was something that we decided we wanted to take a stand on.”

heebs overview


Bradley is quick to point out that he appreciates his loyal customer base and feels like this new version of Heebs Fresh Market will be something that the community enjoys.

Bradley tells us that when it comes to doing business in Bozeman, “we are a chain of one and thank you to the Bozeman community for allowing us to do this”

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