Can you imagine over one hundred people with bellies full of chili and no working toilets? Maybe you shouldn't imagine that! Luckily a generous plumber donated his time and tools to remedy this exact predicament  I'm curious if the plumbers were called by a 'plunger signal' high in the sky.

A nightmare seemed to be manifesting at the Broadwater County Fairgrounds during a weekend fundraiser. After 160 people finished their chili dinner, the toilets stopped working. Broadwater Health Center CEO Kyle Hopstade described the events as "a perfect storm." Luckily the attendees did not panic and were saved by the generous plumbers at Saltzman Septic.

Organizers of the fundraiser called Saltzman Septic and Lynn Saltzman turned around on his trip to Helena and returned to save the event from certain disaster. The drain field was determined to be frozen by John McCarthy before Saltzman's arrival and Saltzman was able to blow out the frozen line. Saltzman didn't even charge for his time or efforts!

Thanks to the pliable plumber, all in attendance were able to breath a sigh of relief and continue on with the fundraiser which raised $40,000!


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