On a cold, wintery day like today, nothing is better than sitting back on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, and having a hearty bowl of chili to keep you warm.

If there is one food everyone can agree on in Montana and enjoy, it's chili. Chilis can come in call shapes and types. From vegetarian to meaty, most folks will try and eat chili at least once because they are usually always delicious.

Redbook published a list of the Chili Everyone Is Talking About In Your State and surprisingly the best spot is not too far away from the Gallatin Valley. The best chili in Montana is at The Parrot in Helena, Montana. Their chili is filled with pure meat deliciousness, from sirloin and hamburger, this sounds good.

If you don't want to travel to Helena for a good bowl of chili, well you are in luck. There are a few spots I would recommend here in the Gallatin Valley. First off, there is the Soup Shack in Downtown Bozeman, they have a really good Chili Verde and that will fill you up and keep you warm. Then there is Biankini's off of 19th and Oak Street usually has a few soups of the day and will rotate in a chili. Finally, I would recommend Ted's Montana Grill. They have a bison chili that is gorgeous and would be perfect on a cold winter day.

The question is now, where to go?

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