Many residents throughout the Gallatin Valley reported feeling the quake.

On Thursday at 11:44 p.m., an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 3.8 rolled through the Gallatin Valley. According to the USGS, the epicenter was 3.7 miles north of Manhattan with a depth of 2.4 miles.

Residents from Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, and surrounding areas reported feeling the quake.

According to one resident, "It sounded like a train was coming then BAM got a jolt, then it rumbled away."

Another person said, "I live out on Norris road, just past Little Holland road, and it woke everyone in my house."

A man on Facebook explained shortly after the quake, "We felt it out in Churchill. Never been woke up before this one."

Dan, also on Facebook, said, "Sounded like someone hit my house with a truck. Yes, I know what that sounds like."

The earthquake was the largest in the area in quite some time, but seismic activity has been fairly frequent as of late.

The USGS wants to hear from you, did you feel this earthquake?

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