Gallatin County Emergency Management used its new notification system today, and it's a pretty good day to use it.

Credit:Weatherstock/Getty Images

According to the notification, due to the poor weather and low visibility, Bozeman police have already been called to eight accidents in the past 24 hours. That's simply insane. We need to be careful out there, and the Bozeman police have a few tips on what to do:

  • Slow Down: Take your time out there. You don't need to rush in this weather.
  • Be Patient: Changing lanes can be dangerous.
  • Use Your Low Beams: High beams make everything worse in this fog. Low beams are the best option you have. Please turn on your lights.
  • Turn Off All Distractions: Focus on your car and the road. Turn off your phone and radio.
  • Signal Turns: Signal well in advance and brake early. You don't know if the road is iced over.
  • Watch Out: There might be some other cars parked on the shoulder. Drive defensively.
  • Never Stop in the Travel Lane: If you do stop in the travel lane, please make sure you get your can get over as far as possible. Also, turn on your hazard lights.

Those are tips for driving in this weather. Just take your time and be aware of all other cars and you will be fine. Thanks, Montana weather.

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