April Fools Day is this Friday, and I have some fun ideas for you to try on those not expecting it.

  • Salt in the sugar pot - This is a classic prank you can try at home or at work. Just replace the sugar with salt and watch them take that first sip of coffee.
  • Microwave a bar of soap - I saw this one and thought it would be a fun one to try. If you microwave a bar of soap for about a minute, it looks like fresh bread.
  • Fill donuts with mayonnaise or ketchup - That jelly or cream filled donut will be sure to shock the person wanting a delicious donut.
  • Replace Oreo filling with toothpaste - I have actually done this one, and the results are awesome. Twist an Oreo, scrape off the filling, and put a little toothpaste between the cookies.
  • Saran wrap a toilet seat - This one is a little messy, and gross, but it is hilarious!

What fun ideas do you have for some April Fools pranks? As always, you can let me know your thoughts on our Facebook page, tweet me @JoeXLCountry or @XLCountry1007, or email me at Joe@XLCountry.com.