Have you had a conversation with someone in town lately where it's clear that they don't know much about Bozeman?

Chances are they're either visitors or brand new to the area. So, we came up with a list of the Five Ways You Know Someone Isn't From Bozeman.

  • 1

    Four Corners

    Even though it seems simple, many newcomers have no idea what Four Corners is or where it's located.

  • 2

    Driving the Wrong Way

    The past few weeks there have been multiple out-of-state cars driving the wrong way on Mendenhall and Babcock in downtown Bozeman and it's unsettling. Get it together!

  • 3

    Didn't Realize Montana Was So Mountainous

    Literally heard this the other day. This person didn't know Montana had so many mountains.

  • 4

    Don't Know About Bogert or Music on Main

    Two big events every week during the summer are Bogert Farmers Market on Tuesdays and Music on Main on Thursdays.

  • 5

    Drive an Audi SUV or Range Rover

    This isn't everyone but many summer folks in Bozeman are driving around in an Audi SUV or a Range Rover and think they own the road. These folks need to learn to use their blinker and obey the road laws.

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