It’s time to head over to the theater and grab some delicious buttery popcorn!  Mitch Lowe, co-founder of Netflix, acquired MoviePass last year and he has a new subscription that may interrupt your couch time binge watching Netflix. He wants people to get out and go see movies again!

The new subscription would only cost $9.95 a month and basically you would be able to see a movie in the theater every day, according to  This would work at any movie theater that takes debit or credit cards… which is pretty much every movie theater! So get ready to head over to the Regal Gallatin Valley Stadium 11 right in
Bozeman and get your movie on!

So for about $10 a month you would get a movie tickets every single day of the month. This kind of sounds like MoviePass will be getting the short end of the stick. BUT MoviePass basically wants to study you and know what kind of movies you go see and do you go see them more than once.

By all means sign me up!  Haha if this takes off like Netflix did then I see this being the new way we all go see movies!

Get your MoviePass.

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