Montana has become a popular destination for filmmakers in the past few years. The influx in production has greatly boosted the state's economy.

"Terror On The Prairie" Cast Screening
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One of the latest movies filmed in Montana is Terror on the Prairie, a film about a frontier woman (Gina Carano) who fights to protect herself against a ruthless gang of outlaw thugs. Carano stars as Hattie McAllister, who lives on an isolated Montana ranch with her husband, Jeb (recently retired UFC fighter Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone). The pair moves to Montana from St. Louis and struggles to survive the harsh conditions.

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Filming for the movie took place at the Yellowstone Film Ranch near Chico Hot Springs south of Livingston.

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With the success of Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone series, the film industry seems increasingly interested in Montana locations for filming. Another western movie filmed in Montana, Murder at Yellowstone City was recently released. The film stars legendary actor Richard Dreyfuss.

If you want to watch Terror on the Prairie, you'll need to subscribe to The Daily Wire. The film is exclusive to members of the platformHowever, the least expensive subscription is $9/month.

We told you about the movie late last year, but we're excited that we're finally able to watch it.

Terror on the Prairie has already received quite a few positive reviews. If you're a fan of western films, you should probably check it out. There is quite a bit of violence in the movie, so it may not be suitable for children. The film was released on June 14 and is available for streaming on Daily Wire.

Check out the official trailer below.

To be honest, it looks like a really good movie. It has a great cast, it's action-packed, and the best part, it was filmed in Montana.

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