Montana is known for its cold winters. Depending on where you're at it Montana, the harshness of the winters vary. The record low temperature for Montana was set back in 1969. It was -52 in Havre, MT that year. Luckily, It doesn't get quite that cold in the Bozeman area, but it still gets cold. Montana winters definitely aren't for the faint of heart.

Another thing that depends on where you live is your method of heat. Some houses have gas, some houses have electric heat, and some are heated by firewood. Some homes have a mixture of both.

In my house, I have electric heat and a wood stove. I plan on using wood as much as possible to keep my electric bill down. That leads me to my next question: How early is too early to buy firewood in Montana? I recently bought a cord to get started, but I know I'll need more to get through the winter.

When I bought wood on Sunday, the person that delivered it said that if you get it from him before August, it's cheaper. That definitely is an incentive to getting it early.

What about you? When do you start stocking up on firewood for the winter? How much wood do you go through? I have a cord and a half now, but plan on stocking up before snow starts falling. Shoot me an email with your answers!

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