I recently had a listener reach out to me via email. As I read through the email I couldn't help but think, "He is so incredibly right". I recently wrote an article about moving to Bozeman and how the wait had paid off.

What if you are a first time renter? Just out of college or attending college? You don't have roommates, it is just YOU. A one bedroom even an efficiency apartment would work great right? IF you can find a landlord to rent to you. 

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My listener is a concerned father of a very bright, intelligent, independent young woman. She graduated early from high school, attended all her classes, maintained great grades, ALL while working two part time jobs. Responsible right? Has an income and rental history. Still not enough? She is focused on her studies and her career and not the latest party. The perfect tenant one would think! 

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Recently she has been asked to leave her apartment she is in now. NOT because she can't afford it, NOT because she is behind on rent, but because the owner of the building has a different direction they would like to use the property for. So where does this leave our responsible young adult? She has spent almost an entire months rent on application fees. She should not be wondering where she is going to live next semester after working her butt off following her dreams. 

How many more application fees does she have to pay. Not everyone can have a co-signer or two months rent as a deposit (especially if they are spending $30-45 dollars per application, non refundable I must add). How long does she wait to hear she has been accepted, before having to withdrawal from school in her 3rd year at MSU because she is what? Too responsible? Too young? Too WHAT? Come on Bozeman Rentals, we are better than this. 

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