In small towns all across Montana, you'll find several people that are working to make a difference in their communities. Much of the time, their work goes unnoticed.

We recently learned about a local legend in Bozeman. His name is Cliff Abraham. According to an article published in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in 2004, Abraham was originally from N. Dakota and grew up with a love for the sport of hockey.

He was an assistant coach for the Bozeman Ice Dogs in the late 90s back when the local ice rink was known as the Valley Ice Garden. He's also known as the "Swinging Zamboni Driver." A nickname that he earned performing wild stuns between periods at hockey games in Bozeman.

A viral video of Abraham's stunt has been shared countless times on the internet. The video has been shared on Fox Sports and ESPN. There's no denying that Cliff the Zam Driver is a Montana legend and is somewhat of a celebrity.

If you've never witnessed the magic of Montana's own swinging Zamboni driver, check out the video below.

Honestly, it's not every day that you get to see a man in a cowboy hat flying across the ice in Montana. Abraham deserves to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. He left his mark on the sport of hockey, and his antics and stunts will never be forgotten.

According to, Abraham had two knee surgeries that forced him to stop doing the trick. The Valley Ice Garden closed in 2006 and was renovated into a cold storage warehouse.

The Bozeman Icedogs now play in Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds during their season, and it's not the same as the Ice Gardens. Maybe when the Ressler Ice Rink is finished with stands and a quality sound system, the excitement will return. 

The biggest question is, who will be the crazy guy to bring this type of magic back to Icedog games? 

We salute you, Mr. Abraham. You will always be a part of sports history in Montana.

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