There's nothing better than corn on the cob in the summertime, and lucky for us, it's harvest time.

One of my favorite childhood memories is getting in the car and heading out to pick corn with my family. My family has a long history of farming, and it was always a treat to pick sweet corn fresh from the field.

A local farmer sells delicious sweet corn and is allowing folks to wander through his cornfield and pick their own sweet corn. My roommate and I stopped by on Saturday and stocked up. For me, the experience was somewhat nostalgic. We had some of the corn for dinner last night, and it was delicious.

Ike Dyk, owner of the cornfield says the corn will be available until it's all picked or dries up due to the weather. The field is open seven days a week until all of the corn is gone. It's located in Amsterdam, right next to Danhof Chevrolet. Look for the signs. It's really easy to find. Dyk and his family also grow other types of vegetables, including cucumbers.

If you've never picked your own sweet corn before, here are some pointers. Grab the ear of corn firmly, and pull down and twist. It should come off the stock without much effort.

If you're interested, grab a bag or bucket and stop by the cornfield, located at 6605 Amsterdam Rd. next to Danhof Chevrolet. You can pick the corn yourself, or purchase it pre-picked. It's $6 per baker's dozen, or 50 cents each.

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