I wasn't even this excited about my OWN wedding!

A plumber in Bristol, England loves the royal family so much that had temporary artwork of the royal couple added to his two front teeth. 29-year-old Barmy Baz Franks had to spend six hours with a cosmetic dental surgeon to have the "gnasher tat" hand-painted on his pearly whites.

According to Small World News,

Franks said that this was his way "of lending [his] support to their big day." The art will last up to three months, but multiple "long, hard brushes" could remove it. The Doctor who applied the tattoo said, "I've done some unusual dental cosmetics in my time, but this was certainly one of the strangest."

How about you?  Are you excited for the Royal wedding, or are you sick of all the hype?  Are you going to watch it live?

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