Have you ever traveled out of state and noticed certain things missing or different than your home state of Montana? Maybe a lack of certain places or products? Well, there is more than you might realize.

If you grew up in Montana many things might seem "normal" to you until you travel out of state. Here are a few things I notice right away even just going to Idaho or Washington.

Bars and Churches

If you grew up in a small town in Montana you know all about this. There are more bars and churches in small towns than you can shake a stick at. Anything from The Mint, Stockmans, The Corner, etc. The old saying goes "You can sin at night, and repent across the street in the morning".

Sales Tax

While Montana isn't the only state without a sales tax, it makes us special. When you travel to a new state you'll be shocked to learn that the price advertised for a product isn't what you will pay.

Roadside Crosses

I hear people visiting Montana ask about these all the time. Growing up, I thought these were normal. Roadside Crosses and memorials of traffic accident victims can be seen on nearly any road in Montana. Not all states, if any other, do this.

Open Carry

While again, we aren't the only state in the Union that has a right to open carry, I think we exercise this right more than other states. The other day I was getting a coffee and a guy was in line carrying a firearm. I didn't even think about it until I heard other (I presume from out of state) customers whispering and complaining about it.

Clamato Juice

This still blows my mind. I've lived all over the U.S. and tons of other states have never even heard of Clamato. That means they've never heard of a Clam Beer or Ceaser. Again, this isn't a "Montana Only" thing, but you'd be surprised where you can't get this drink.


We for sure have a casino problem in Montana. Every other block in a larger town like Missoula or Billings has a Lucky Lils, Lucky Diamond, Diamond Jims, etc. This probably directly correlates to Montana's high ranking of addicted gamblers. 

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