We can only imagine what will be coming to Downtown Bozeman in the coming months and it's exciting for locals.

Downtown Bozeman is a constantly changing landscape with new and trendy stores opening. We have stores like the outdoor brand Stio that will open in the old Main Streek Market spot in the upcoming fall and restaurants popping up all over the area.

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It might be hard to keep up with all the changes in Downtown Bozeman and we are here to help.

Downtown Bozeman has quite a few vacant properties that are up for grabs and we could see several new businesses on the way in the coming months.

Downtown Bozeman via Facebook
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

We found several spaces on Main Street for new businesses and made a photo gallery for you to enjoy. The best part is several of these spaces are already being remodeled for their new owners or renters and we can't wait to see what will be coming to Bozeman.

Will they be new restaurants or shops? Or will they be something that Bozeman hasn't seen yet? We have no idea and can't wait to find out.

Downtown Bozeman
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

One thing is for sure, these businesses will have a built-in source of customers with the constant foot traffic and cars that drive by daily. The only problem that could ever arise is if the rent goes up.

So what would you like to see occupy these spaces in Downtown Bozeman? We can only speculate but we hope it's something that benefits locals and tourists alike.

Here are Eight Terrific Vacant Downtown Bozeman Storefronts To Watch.

Eight Terrific Vacant Downtown Bozeman Storefronts To Watch

Downtown Bozeman is set to see some new businesses in the coming months, and here are a few spots that are open right on Main Street.

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