We all know that Bozeman isn't win any best roads awards due to the numerous pot holes and such. And Once old man winter hits, the roads become something short of a crash test course. This is why I'm thankful for the nearly city wide 25 mile an hour speed limits. But even if you're extremely cautious, accidents do happen. A lot of the time these accidents happen in the same locations. This is our list of five locations to be extra careful around when it's slippery.

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    7th and Main

    Whether you're driving from the east, west, or north, this intersection has so many businesses on each corner you never know where incoming traffic is coming or going. Because it is right in the middle of most Bozemanite's commute, it is very likely you will encounter heavy traffic as well. Be sure to leave enough room between you and the cars in front of you in case they decide to stop suddenly or turn without signaling. Oh, and also the double left turn lanes from Main onto 7th, not everyone abides by the center lane. I nearly got pushed into the gas station by a car that decided to turn left and enter my lane as I too was turning left.

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    The new roundabout that was just installed on campus caused quite a bit of discussion and discontent before construction was even completed. This being the first winter of its existence, I'm interested to see how well it is maneuvered in the snow. By the time the snow starts falling, I assume the student population will be well versed on driving in a clockwise fashion, but it's the out of towners I worry about. Also, their are the late night drivers that may fail to notice the change and drive right over it.

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    Four-way Stops

    While the roundabout poses problems due to unfamiliarity, four-way stops pose problems due to habit. Once the snow begins to fall, our muscle memories still calculate the same as when the street was dry. What used to be, "get to the stop sign first and I get to go first" mentality, becomes, "I hope I stop before I slide all the way through this intersection!" When snow or ice is on the ground, always leave extra room in front of you with lots of time to stop. This can also prevent you from being rear ended by the texting driver behind you if you notice him not stopping.

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    Interstate 90

    I know many Bozeman, Livingston and Belgrade residents make the trip back and forth during their daily commute. While everyone is collectively sharing this road to get to work on time, many people forget they are driving 2 ton hunks of metal. Not only do you have to worry about your driving but also the cars around you. If at all possible, get on the road before the 8 o'clock traffic. If that's not possible, go the speed limit and help out your fellow drivers by moving to the left to let them merge. While the busy interstates tend to appear the most dangerous, don't let an empty road fool you either. When you are the only car on I-90 at night and early in the mornings, you are the first to test the pavement for black ice. Last winter there was more than one accident that involved ice and an unwary driver sliding or even rolling off of the road.

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    This is another popular commuting route that sees high volumes of traffic. What make it worse than I-90 are the stop lights and intersections. Going 50 and having to come to a complete stop can be extremely difficult if the road conditions are not ideal. Anticipate light changes up ahead of you. If you see the light is green from a long distance away, be prepared for it to be yellow or red when you reach it. Also be on the watch for cars traveling North and South in case they slide into your path or decide to try and beat a yellow light.