For over 100 years, the Droge family has put their blood, sweat, tears, and faith into the soil they walk upon every day. A 5th generation farm that truly believes in using Montana soil, wheat, potatoes, and mountain water to create some of the best spirits in the state.

Montana made means you use true Montana products from start to finish, and that is what Dry Hills Distillery does.

Eight years ago, Dry Hills Distillery was born.

All the products we create at Dry Hills Distillery are sourced off our family farms, and every part of your spirit is designed and touched by our hands from the field to the bottle to be a truly hand crafted Montana made spirit. -Dry Hills Distillery

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📸: Dry Hills Distillery
📸: Dry Hills Distillery

This Saturday from 12-8pm, Dry Hills Distillery is celebrating their 8 year anniversary and will be releasing their long awaited Huckleberry Flavored Vodka, Montana's First Potato Based Huckleberry Vodka.


Dedication and hard work pays off if you believe in what you're creating. From the land the Droge family has worked since 1905, their dedication and confidence shows through their 8 years of continued success.

For years we looked around our family farm with its dark fertile soil and abundance of pure mountain water and felt that we had the perfect platform for creating world class spirits. Whether it be from the premium certified seed potatoes that we raise to the select high country grains, we knew we had the opportunity to create something truly exceptional. By providing a new opportunity to utilize our farms commodities we knew we were not only able to create these new products but also elevate the farms production and marketability. - Dry Hills Distillery

You can join in the celebration Saturday, March 23rd at Dry Hills Distillery (106 Village Center Lane).

cc: Dry Hills Distillery

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