Now, this is my kind of race!

I'm not an athlete and try to avoid the "athletic" types of events like marathons, or...well, running, unless of course my life depends on it. However, the folks over in Missoula have come up with a brilliant idea, and you just might want to be a part of it. I know I do.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the "Lard Butt 1K".

Yep, you read that correctly, finally, an event for those of us that might not be in the best shape, or our shape is round.  Either way, this looks to be a whole lot of fun. The Lard Butt 1K is going to take place in Missoula on Saturday, July 23rd in Silver Park.

Beer bottles beeing cooled down
Luka Lajst

According to their website,, the event is dedicated to:

"the below-average athlete and weekend warrior in all of us. The Lard Butt 1K will replace timing chips with chocolate chips, water stations with donut stations and feature a well-stocked beer garden before and after. On top of being great fun for those who may be in decent shape and don't take themselves too seriously,"

So, just how far is 1K? It's 1093 yards or just over half a mile, oh, and those donut stations? They're set up every 250 meters, which by my math, means you get 4 donut stops along the way.  They also encourage participants to dress in costume for the event because, after the race, there will be a "Spirt of Lard Butt" costume party for all to attend.

Colorful and tasty donuts on white background

As a bonus and to help those in need, they also encourage everyone to bring at least two cans of food to the event. If you're interested in joining the fun, early registration will cost you 30 dollars. If you register the week or day of, it will cost you 40 dollars. Each registration comes with a t-shirt, an adult beverage for those 21 and older, plus different foods and surprises.

There are four different categories for the event, including one for the kiddos. However, my favorite category is the "Legends" category.  So what exactly is the Legends category? The Legends category is for anyone that is 250 pounds or more.

So fun, beer, donuts, exercise, and a good cause?  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a July afternoon in western Montana.

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