A dog that went missing near Bridger Bowl for five days is now safe at home snuggled with his family.

Mick, the dog, was reported lost last Wednesday. He was with his family hiking near  Bridger Bowls South boundary.

For five days his family was searching for him and finally discovered him late on Sunday at the top of a ledge where they suspect the had been trapped since he went missing. To get Mick down, they would need someone with repelling gear. They reached out to the community through Facebook about Mick's situation and word quickly spread.

Soon climber Max came to the rescue. He hustled up the ridge in the dark and used gear and a harness to safely secure Mick. Initially, they attempted to repel Mick down, but they ran into some difficulties so they decided to had to traverse, climb back up, and then hike the ridge to safety.

Finally, Mick was reunited with his family around 11 p.m. on Sunday night. Mick was walking, wagging his tail, and smiling.

One of his owners, Dani, stated on Facebook that once home Mick was "completely healthy besides being extra hungry and thirsty." On Monday, Mick reportedly was playing with his toys, begging to play fetch, and even took a lap at the dog park. It seems as though Mick is getting back to his regular routine.

Dani extended a thank you to the community stating:

Dan, Taylor and I are overwhelmingly thankful for the Bozeman Community. There is no way I can individually thank every person that shared his post, told a friend about him, hiked looking for him, sent me texts or messages asking to help, or giving encouragement. Because of all of you we were able to find him and rescue him safely off of a ledge. . .
See some pictures below of Mick, his family, and his adventures this weekend. If you want to continue to follow Mick you can do so on Instagram here.

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