Home 2 Suites by Hilton is planning a four story, 103 room extended stay motel on Baxter next to the current Hilton Garden Inn.

Rooms will be around $125 per night and will include a full-size refrigerator, kitchenettes, garbage disposal, dishwasher with dishes in the room, plus a full fitness center, bar-b-q area and swimming pool. Why would you ever leave?

Why So Many?

We seem to have put up a lot of hotels in Bozeman in recent years and my wife often asks me — “Why So Many?”

The short easy answer is “The Field of Dreams” principle. If you build it, they will come. There’s even a plan to tear down the Holiday Inn and make it bigger.

How many people have you talked to that said they came to Bozeman on vacation and decided to either move here or retire here?

So, when you see the hotel parking lots packed with out of state plates just remember in a few years many of those same vehicles will have Montana plates and be clogging our already overcrowded streets.

Some Final Thoughts

Growth is inevitable. There’s no way to stop it. Face facts, — we live in a pretty attractive place. We have world class fishing, tourism, hunting, trails. You name it we’ve got it.

If you like the outdoors Bozeman is sure to be at the top of your bucket list destinations.

Montana has finally passed one million in population. A lot of them in Bozeman.

Look on the bright side. When your kids come back home to live in your basement you can say Uh-UH.

There’s plenty of hotels. Take your pick.

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