Christmas shopping can be a hard choice because you want to spend money on your loved ones but you don't know what's the limit.

With Christmas shopping fully underway, it can be pretty hard to shop for the people closest to you in your life. My siblings are some of those people. The problem is we have all discussed this issue, and we don't like spending a ton of money on each other because if we want an expensive gift we can buy it ourselves. So to make life a little easier we have instituted a spending limit for Christmas.

The reason behind the spending limit on my siblings and me is to set a standard. There have been years where maybe one of us spend well over $100 on someone, and the sibling in return got a hat. The spending limit helps limit yourself on how extravagant you can get and also can help you get pretty creative on that limit too.

Photo by Visual Stories Micheile via Unsplash
Photo by Visual Stories Micheile via Unsplash

You can find some great gifts that won't break the bank, and that will mean a lot to your loved ones. The best way to go about gift-giving with a limit is to think of something your recipient needs that they might not even know. Last year I bought electric salt and pepper grinders for my mom. She had been talking about getting them for years, but just wouldn't splurge and buy them herself. Now she goes crazy with her new grinders.

Also, don't be afraid to give a gift card to your loved ones this holiday season. Sometimes the best gift is the freedom for them to choose. Trust me, my brother loved his.

I know many folks aren't crazy about spending limits, but it's sometimes nice to have an idea and make plans.

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