More details have been released by Logjam Presents about the new venue coming to North 7th Avenue (Midtown Bozeman).

The ELM exterior - Matt Duguid of Paradigm Architecture Missoula, MT
  • NAME: The ELM
  • WHERE: 506 North 7th Ave, Bozeman
  • OPEN: Winter 2020

  • Under construction NOW (Feb/March 2019)
  • CAPACITY: 1,500
  • "contemporary architecture to best-in-class customer flow"
  • Logjam Presents is an independent Montana Company owned by Nick Checota

According to Logjam Presents:

The ELM has been designed with the whole concert experience in mind. While architectural aesthetics are a critical component of a Logjam venue, it must be done in the context of great functional design. Effective customer circulation, safe and secure entry points and efficient concession design were the driving considerations in designing the ELM.

The ELM interior - Matt Duguid of Paradigm Architecture Missoula, MT