It happens.  Dogs Bark.  Been there.  But what are you doing about it?

Lately in my neighborhood, there seems to be a lot of barking dogs, barking, and barking.  Then they bark even more.  Nonstop barking.  Constantly barking.  Morning barking, afternoon barking, evening barking, they just bark, and bark.

I love dogs.  I have 2 big dogs.  One barks.  She barks at squirrels, she barks with excitement when we go for a ride, she barks at the snow shovel!    I nip it in the bud right away because I don't want to be "that neighbor" with a barking dog.

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Are you "that neighbor" with a barking dog?

Step 1:  Try to figure out why your dog is barking.  Here is a list of 7 Reasons Why Dogs Bark by Pet MD.  If you can identify what is causing the barking, then work on eliminating the cause.  Maybe it isn't that simple.  Here is another article to check out from Pet MD, How to Stop a Dog from Barking.  You might want to look into dog obedience classes.  Here is a list of options for Great Falls Dog Obedience Training.

At the end of the day, it is still your responsibility to correct this behavior.  Here is a friendly reminder that there are State of Montana, Cascade County, and City of Great Falls Ordinances in place that need to be followed.

I know, it happens.  Dogs bark.  But doing nothing about it, is all you.  Don't let your dog get labeled as a "nuisance dog" because you do nothing to correct the behavior.



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